Our Forensic Engineering Clients

Forensic Engineering is the investigation of products, materials, structures, or components that fail or do not function properly and, as a result of such malfunctions, cause personal injuries, property damage, or monetary losses to a business. This discipline involves retracing processes and procedures related to accidents in the operation of machinery, products, structures, or components.
Angela Neville, JD POWER May 1, 2010


Forensic Engineers typically offer litigation support assistance to attorneys.  AIC helps attorneys by getting the required answers to the technical issues central to a case. Our engineers have years of experience working with both defendants and plaintiffs on a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Evaluating a Case to Identify the Technical Issues And Facts
  • Educating Lawyers So They Fully Understand the Technical Issues of a Case
  • Assist Attorneys in Finding Appropriate Expert Witnesses
  • Formulating Questions for Witness Cross-Examination
  • Preparing Demonstrative Evidence (Diagrams, Models, or Computer Animations)
  • Evaluation of Damaged or Replacement Equipment
  • Assessment of Reparability of Damage


In addition to using standard investigative methods, AIC offers specialized expertise and procedures.  We review investigative reports, eyewitness statements, expert reports, drawings, schematics, written specifications, and other pertinent materials for background information.  Our Forensic Engineers inspect sites where accidents or losses occurred and examine all available physical evidence.  Besides visually inspecting evidence, our Forensic Engineers may use reverse engineering where we dissemble a product and examine it closely to learn how it was made and how it operates.  If required, we may conduct close-up examinations by using specialized devices to detect the root cause of an incident. On occasion, we may reproduce incidents in our laboratory to discover what occurred.  Typical businesses using our services include:

  • Manufacturers
  • Process Companies
  • Technology Companies
  • Food Processing
  • Professional Service Firms
  • Energy Companies
  • Transportation Companies

Claims Professionals

Our client base includes a wide variety of Insurance Carriers and the Independent Adjusters, and the Attorneys that serve them. In many cases our Forensic Engineers assist by adding the technical expertise required to settle complex claims resulting from failures or accidents. Among our many clients are:

  • Property Adjusters
  • Casualty and Liability Adjusters and Examiners
  • Machinery Specialists
  • Subrogation Specialists
  • Recovery Professionals
  • Attorneys
  • Equipment Owners Seeking Damage Compensation
  • Companies Desiring to Determine the Root Cause of Equipment Failures
  • Insurance Companies Seeking Evaluation of Repair and Replacement Options
  • Manufacturers of Electro-Mechanical Machinery


  • Improper Workmanship
  • Defective Appliance and Home Equipment Failures
  • Personal Injury or Loss That May Be Subject to Subrogation
  • Water & Fire Damage Investigations
  • Cause and Origin Investigations
  • Latent Defect Investigations

AIC welcomes inquiries from the legal, insurance and industrial communities, as well as private individuals.  Our Professional Engineers and Qualified Experts have provided assistance with hundreds of losses and case settlements.  Our Senior staff is available from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm Eastern Time if you would like to discuss your case needs. Please call (716) 835-7116 Monday through Friday to reach our Senior Staff promptly or simply fill out the contact us page.  If you have an emergency, please call (716) 628-0065 and we will return your call as soon as possible.  We look forward to helping you meet your forensic engineering needs.